034MotorSport Northeast Distributor

Excelerate Performance and 034Motorsport have partnered up! 034 has capitalized on our warehouse capacity, shipping proficiency, sales knowledge, and experience in the automotive aftermarket industry. 034 dealers and customers in the Northeastern US will experience reduced shipping times, better access to inventory, competitive pricing and proper customer service!

“Like many of you, we’ve been aware of Excelerate Performance for years since they do some great marketing around the brands they sell and distribute. We are proud to announced this regional partnership with Excelerate Performance in the NE, enabling Dealers and Retail Customers in the densely populated seven Northeastern States of the USA to get 034Motorsport Go-Fast-Parts even faster!

Several months of business collaboration with the owner, Joshua Lockwood, lead up to a final meeting in his killer shop based in Branford, Connecticut to seal the deal. Josh, his facility and professional staff affirmed that the fit between 034Motorsport and Excelerate Performance was perfect.” – Troy Sicotte – Global Sales Director

Who is 034MotorSport?

034Motorsport is the Audi and Volkswagen enthusiast’s premier destination for performance parts, tuning, and service! 034Motorsport prides themselves on developing the finest track-proven and street-friendly performance upgrades for Audi and Volkswagen enthusiasts. The 034Motorsport Performance Facility in Fremont, CA is home to our engineering, manufacturing, and tuning departments. Staffed by highly-skilled enthusiasts, these departments work in unison to design, test, build, and calibrate the latest in performance upgrades for Audi and Volkswagen applications. Unlike other companies that merely drop-ship parts or outsource development, 034Motorsport does it all under one roof to ensure that 034Motorsport products are the highest quality on the market.

The team at 034Motorsport make pretty much everything. Okay maybe they don’t make everything but they’re trying to cover as much of the aftermarket spectrum as they can. The dedicated and motivated team of 034Motorsport is known to innovate, design, and manufacture next generation products with the purpose of improving the ride quality handling and performance of modern VW and Audi platforms.

034Motorsport manufactures a wide array of performance parts for the VW/Audi platforms and covers nearly the whole lineup post 2000, and in some cases even the models that fade off in the distance.

Below are the core upgrade product groups of the 034Motorsport brand, including but not limited to engine mounts, drivetrain inserts, steering components, OEM+ replacement parts, intakes, ECU/TCU calibrations, billet control arms, and lowering springs.