DrivetrainYou’ve got your car’s engine to the point where it’s creating a tremendous amount of horsepower, but you’re not seeing the results. What gives? The problem might be in your drivetrain, and Excelerate Performance can help you to figure it out.

What Does the Drivetrain Do?

It might sound like the drivetrain is one system in your car, but it really isn’t. The drivetrain is a series of components that drive the vehicle via the power the engine creates. You might have heard of “front-wheel drive,” “rear-wheel drive,” or “all-wheel drive” vehicles. These are all descriptions of the drivetrain. Some parts of the drivetrain include pieces like the clutch, the transmission, flywheels, shifters, and so much more.

Three Big Signs You Need a New Clutch in Branford CT

A huge part of the drivetrain is actually your car’s clutch, particularly in a manual transmission car. So, how do you know that you need a new clutch? The first issue you might notice is that the clutch just doesn’t feel right. It might feel soft or spongy when you press the pedal. You may also start to feel that it’s more difficult to shift into the next gear. You’ll typically have more trouble with reverse or with first gear. If you ever smell a burnt smell when you’re shifting, it’s possible that’s another sign of clutch wear.

Transmission Replacement Near Me

Noticing issues with your clutch, transmission, or anywhere else in the drivetrain? Don’t let it keep being a mystery until the transmission fails completely. Give us a call at Excelerate Performance in Branford, CT. We’ll thoroughly diagnose what’s going on and let you know what your best-case scenario is. Once you’ve got the right combination in your drivetrain, you’ll be able to actually use all that power your car’s engine is creating.

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