Forced Induction

Forced InductionOnce you’ve maxed out the horsepower that came with your car, you’ve got some other choices to make. At some point, forced induction is likely going to pop up as one of those options and Excelerate Performance can help you to go with the right option.

How Does Forced Induction Work?

Forced induction sounds complicated and it can be. The simplest definition, however, is that it’s a method of getting more fuel and air into the combustion chamber. Why would you want that? Well, fuel and air along with spark offer up the “boom” in combustion engines. And more fuel and air give you bigger, better booms, which translates to more power. Few car owners would turn down more power, right? There are a few different ways you can get that surge in power via forced induction.

What’s the Difference Between a Turbo and a Supercharger?

Turbochargers, or turbos for short, are responsible for gathering up hot exhaust as it leaves the combustion chamber exits the exhaust. This exhaust flow helps spin the turbo impeller. That hot air gets mixed with more fuel and produces more horsepower than the engine has on its own.

A supercharger also increases airflow into the engine, but it does so in a slightly different way. Turbos have to spool up, or get up to speed, because of how they operate. Superchargers don’t have that kind of wait time, because they’re using the crankshaft pulley to push air through to the engine. Lots of car owners prefer superchargers because of the immediate response time, but turbos are more efficient overall.

Bumping Up the Power in Branford CT

In the end, when you’re ready to see some serious increases in power, you probably do want some type of forced induction. But the type of system you go with can vary greatly depending on a ton of different variables. Worried you’ll make the wrong choice? Don’t be, because Excelerate Performance is here to help you to choose exactly the right options that work best for your needs and wants.

Want more power? Who doesn’t these days? Give us a call at Excelerate Performance in Branford, CT today. We’ll go through all of your options with you and see which ones feel best for you. We guarantee all of our work, you know you’ll drive away satisfied.

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