What Are We Calibrating?

Freeing up some extra power is easier than you think, and can be done without changing out any parts on the vehicle! You guessed it, we are talking about ECU (Engine Control Unit) Tuning.

The easiest way to think of an ECU tune is like a coffee for your Monday morning. It will let you take full advantage of what the car comes equipped with from the factory! Most basic ECU tunes will offer a higher boost target than stock (for turbocharged applications), with the fueling requests to support it. More air and more fuel all translate to more power! What about your engines well being? That is a great question, but nothing to be concerned about as long as you keep up on maintenance!

There are a few different types of ECU tunes. You can read a little more of each below:

  • BASE TUNES: A map built for your vehicle, but does not take full advantage of the parts on the vehicle. It is designed to get it up and mobile until further tuning can be performed. Base tunes are commonly included in aftermarket turbo kits from companies like Kraftwerks and more.
  • OFF THE SHELF TUNES: Off the shelf tunes, or OTS tunes, come from aftermarket manufacturers and have been designed more specifically for your vehicle and it’s parts. A company like Racing Line spends time on a dynamometer dialing in the vehicle’s trims to get you the most power the easiest way possible.
  • CUSTOM TUNES: Custom tuning is commonly done on a dynamometer (dyno), yet another service offered by Excelerate Performance. Your vehicle’s performance is measured and monitored during custom tuning to help you get every last bit of power possible.

What Software Partners Do We Use?

APR Northeast Distributor
Dinan Northeast Distributor
Integrated Engineering
Racechip Northeast Distributor
Unitronic Authorized Dealer

Custom Dynometer Tuning

Calibrations Near Me

When your vehicle needs these kind of calibrations in Branford, CT, who do you bring it to? Certainly not some quickie chain repair place or the dealership, but none other than the pros at Excelerate Performance. Our team is here to provide the specialized calibrations Branford performance drivers need, and we are simply the best in the biz. For calibrations in Branford, CT, bring your vehicle to Excelerate Performance.

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