IntakesCombustion engines rely on air, fuel, and that tiny bit of spark to make big booms happen within the combustion chamber of the engine. None of that is possible without air intakes that do their job. Excelerate Performance knows just how to help you to get the right air intake parts into your car’s engine so that you can get the most out of your car.

Carbon Fiber Intakes Branford CT

When it comes to performance exhaust, you can’t go wrong with specially fabricated carbon fiber intakes. These intakes are much lighter than standard ones, and the added air intake can boost your performance vehicle’s horsepower. The lower center of gravity with carbon fiber intakes can also increase your performance vehicle’s handling. When you are serious about your vehicle’s handling and horsepower, you can’t go wrong with carbon fiber intakes.

Symptoms of a Failing Intake in Branford  CT

If your car has a failing air intake, you’re going to notice it. In the worst-case scenario? You won’t even be able to get your car started. Other problems can include a high idle or seeing the dreaded check engine light. Noticing any of these issues? It’s time for some help.

Swapping out the Intake Manifold for Performance

Your car’s stock intake manifold might be alright for a daily driver, but if you want more from your car and from the engine, you’re going to want to swap that out. We can help you to find the right intake manifold and other parts to give your car’s engine the boost that it needs in order to give you the performance that you want. It doesn’t have to be complicated and we can help you to put together a system that works for you.

Looking for the best performance that you can get? Contact us today at Excelerate Performance in Branford, CT. We’ll be happy to go over the intake options available for your car and let you know what else can help you to get the most out of your car. Our 12-month, 12-000-mile warranty covers all repairs and our experienced technicians stand behind our work.

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