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Why Are Alignments Important?

An alignment is important because it dials in your vehicle’s suspension. A proper alignment will improve the potential of your vehicle’s performance and safety on the road, while also preventing unnecessary and uneven tire and suspension wear. However, not all alignment systems are created equal, and neither are all alignment technicians. Excelerate Performance’s alignment experts use the best equipment on the market, the Hunter Hawkeye Elite alignment system, and the exact specifications provided by the original manufacturer of the vehicle. The specifications, equipment, and technician allow us to properly align the camber, caster and toe of your vehicle.

What is Camber, Toe, and Caster?

  • Positive Camber – When the top of the tire is tilted towards the outside of the vehicle.
  • Negative Camber – When the top of the tire is tilted towards the inside of the vehicle.
  • Caster – Determines where the centerline of the wheel sits between the bumper and the door jamb.
  • Toe – Determines how far the center line of the tire is laterally. Most common comparison is Pigeon-Toed vs Duck Footed.

How much does an alignment cost?

The cost of an alignment varies according to the vehicle. Some vehicles will have factory adjustment for camber, caster and toe and thus will take longer; others only have toe adjustments. Some vehicles will require aftermarket alignment kits to correct the camber or toe.

So, in summary, the cost to do an alignment depends on your vehicle and your needs. However, alignments for most production vehicles, with stock components, range between $99-$199. For a more detailed quote, please e-mail our service team or call 203-483-6100.

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