What happens when you buy an R8 V8 coupe and are satisfied because “heck, I cant believe I achieved my goal thus far, I can say I am taking my R8 to the grocery store and be as happy as a kid in a candy store. But then suddenly one day you are driving back from the famers market with a bunch of vegetables under the hood (rear engine-front trunk… remember?) and you realize; I have new goals for myself because this R8 is no longer what it used to be. I Ricky Bobby Fashion, we screamed I WANNA GO FAST!

Where do we start? Yeah APR has a huge list of parts for the GTI’s, S4’s and all the other popular cars, but what about the super car? Well the R8 stood on its own in the Audi lineup, so APR destined to spend some special attention on it since it shared practically the same running gear as an RS4. This was it, we knew this is the direction we wanted to take. It was ordered. APR’s TVS1740 Supercharger kit was on its way to Excelerate Performance for Installation.

When the kit arrived everything was laid out and the R8 was backed into Jamie’s corner for disassembly. With all the factory parts removed it was time to commence installation of the APR Supercharger kit. Now, I don’t want to bore you with the same story of how this was fun for a while then it got boring. The truth is just wanted ALL the power. We weren’t sure what we were going to do but we knew it would involve spending a lot of money and expelling a copious amount of blood, sweat and tears.

The crew at Excelerate sat down with EPL and BackFire Fab to discuss what happens in live after being supercharged. The power figure goals came up and when we started talking about seeing north of 100hp more than where we were with the supercharger it was pretty much down to two things, literally. We decided on twin Borg Warner 7163 EFR Ball Bearing FMW turbochargers. These will be spun by removing the factory manifolds and replacing them with custom built headers by Bopper. The team at EPL and BackFire have built kits before so this was a walk in the park, but doing something done before wasn’t always our style so we decided to give this design a little flair.

Engine Performance

BackFire Fab Turbo Kit
– Twin Borg Warner EFR7163’s
– Custom Headers
– Custom Bell Air to Water Intercoolers
– Custom Twin Intakes
– Custom Twin Crossover Exhaust
– High Flow Cats and Vibrant resonators
– Custom Catch Can with Integrated Drain
– Plex Pro Boost Controller
– Stock Fuel Pump and Injectors
– Custom High Pressure Fuel Pump Internals
– APR Intercoolers

Drivetrain & Suspension

R8 V10 Clutch and Flywheel
KW V3 Coilovers
20×8.5 and 20×12 ADV.1 5.2 Track Spec SL
– Gloss Black Face
– Liquid Smoke Lips
– Michelin PSS 235/40 & 325/25

Exterior & Accessories

V10 Carbon Fiber Blades
Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser
Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler



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