Stage 3 Nogaro Blue B5 S4

A B5 S4 Unicorn Appears

This super clean Stage 3 Nogaro Blue B5 S4 came to Excelerate Performance for some upgrades and to resolve lingering issues. The car came to us with an intermittent misfire condition and was running quite poorly when the car started to creep into boost territory. Our mechanics busted out the heavy artillery and went to town on this rare beauty. After proper testing procedures were performed, one ICM and a few bad coil packs it was time to refresh the ignition on this car to keep up with power demands. 034 Motorsport supplied us with their ICM delete kit and FSI coil conversion. To match the new valve cover bling OEM VW FSI coilpacks and replacement plugs were installed and this car is back to making normal power and runs hard again, misfire free.

This car also came to Excelerate Performance with blown Stasis coilovers and was in dire need of new suspension. Vogtland supplied us with their basic street coilover setup and we added new strut mount and spring locators on the front to make sure this car rides as well as possible. After installation was complete it was rolled onto the Hunter Engineering Alignment Rack to receive the works from our alignment specialist.


034 Motorsport ICM Delete Kit
034 Motorsport FSI Coil Conversion
OEM VW FSI Coilpack + Replacement Plugs


Suspension & Drivetrain

Vogtland Basic Street Coilover



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