Where the best shoes meet the best rubber.


Where the best shoes meet the best rubber.


Who does Excelerate Performance roll to for wheels? Of course, only the best in the industry: ADV.1, BBS, HRE, and MHT, Vorsteiner, Vossen, Hartman, Neuspeed are just a few of the names that have revolutionized the wheel industry. Their innovative and bespoke designs, coupled with their stringent manufacturing standards, produce a wheel that is both aesthetically and structurally pleasing. However, these aren't your only options here at Excelerate Performance. If you favor a wheel style or brand that you can't find within the limits of these manufacturers, we will find one that will. We can source just about any wheel from any manufacturer.


Running the best wheels means nothing without being wrapped with the proper counterpart. Selecting the correct tires for your vehicle is an integral part of your safety, your driving style, and your overall automotive experience. So when you contact us, we are going to gather information that helps us determine what category, what size, what speed rating, and ultimately which tire you need. While we sell and install all the major brands of tires, you will see that we generally recommend only the tires that have consistently proven their performance, their durability, and their value.

Why Michelin? Quite simply, they are the best at what they do.

As a Michelin Alliance Associate Dealer (AAD) we are a full service center for all things Michelin.


Tires and wheels are a team and they must work together. But all that means nothing if that tire doesn't get mounted to the wheel. This is where our Hunter tire equipment plays its part. In our unending efforts to provide the best possible experience to our customers and manage quality control on both the product and service level, we use the Hunter machines to mate the wheels and tires, thus reducing the road force to the lowest possible number. This provides a seamless, vibration-free driving experience.




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