Whether you’re stock, slammed, or living life on air, we’ve got you covered.


One of our most common aftermarket installs includes coilovers. Whether you’re seeking better handling, or better aesthetics, coilovers are a great difference to transform your vehicle. We’ve worked with KW, ST, Ohlins, H&R, TEIN, Bilstein, KONI, and many others to get customers the right coilover for their application. Want to check out the systems we currently stock and sell? Find them here.


Infamous for their dual spring set up, the iconic black and orange suspension kit is known to perform like a true progression suspension without consumers losing their Audi Magnaride.

Air Ride

Many shops claim they install air ride, but how many can say they make show quality installs? We use brands like Accuair and Air Lift Performance to ensure we are putting the highest quality air ride components on your vehicle. Our lines are plumbed as clean and efficiently as possible, and we offer many additional options to make the air ride install exactly how you want it. All of our installs are custom work, but we sell kits online too for the DIYer. Want to shop them? Find them here.