Remote Starters

Chances are, if you’re looking at this page on our website, you probably live in New England, and just like us, dread driving around in a cold car. It’s not good for the car, and it definitely doesn’t feel good for you!

Each winter, that miserable feeling comes back around and day dreams of living somewhere in the tropics are fresh in our minds. We decided it’s time to offer something that makes living through winter a little bit easier.

We now offer remote starters and remote starter installations at Excelerate! Stay cozy inside while your car warms up.

We have installed countless remote starters and are incredibly comfortable in the installation and operation of the product.  We use premium remote starter install kits with T-harnesses that will allow our technicians to neatly install your remote starter kit without splicing into every wire on your vehicle. This improves reliability AND removability. (some models may not allow for T-harnesses, feel free to ask us otherwise!) We use high quality connectors and harnesses that allow a secure connection to your vehicle’s wiring harness without compromising your harness integrity. We can also remove the remote starter if desired!

What are T-harnesses? T-harnesses are extended wiring harnesses for our remote starters, which allow us to plug in directly at each module as needed, instead of splicing your vehicle’s wiring harness. By using T-harnesses, the installation is significantly cleaner and safer, allowing the assembly to be removed entirely from the vehicle if needed without any left over damage to wires. We felt this was crucial to be included in our services, as we only want to offer our customers the best options for installations.

Example of a DSG GTI T-Harness

We highly recommend Fortin Brand as it may prevent key loss in some situations which leaves us with a safer, more secure installation compared to other brands. (Vehicles like a 2013 Audi A4 would lose a key if we did not use the Fortin brand installation.) Many vehicles will allow remote starting from your factory key fob! Press the lock button 3 times in order to activate the remote starter. Set your desired climate control settings before leaving vehicle the night prior. If you leave the AC on when you leave the vehicle for the night, it will be on when you remote start the vehicle as well. Can’t be more convenient than that!

Some additional customizable features:

  • How long the vehicle runs when it is started.
  • Turbo Timer (on some models this feature is NOT available) leaves engine running for a specified time after you turn the ignition off to cool the turbocharger down to prevent heat soaking.
  • Door open engine off- This will force you to restart the vehicle every time you open the door, but may provide some customers with a sense of security. (some vehicles do not have this feature available. And some push to starts cannot deactivate this feature and is normal.)
  • One click unlock all doors- This automatically sends the unlock signal twice to unlock all the doors on the vehicle.
  • Valet Mode- comes with every remote starter installation. If kicked into Valet by accident there are instructions that vary to get vehicle out of valet mode.



Driving a vehicle when it is cold may reduce your engine’s life significantly. Remote start your vehicle before you drive it in the mornings to ensure that it is at a proper temperature to operate efficiently. Never use this feature in an enclosed area (such as a garage) as CO is deadly and will cause a safety hazard. Please consider to deactivate the remote starter before any work is performed on the vehicle. (If the battery is not disconnected and someone sits on the remote and it starts that could cause a hazard).

Interested in keeping you and your car warm?    

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