Diagnostic services is simultaneously a science and an art. It requires more than just reading codes from a scanner; that is just one part of completing the equation. This equation we call diagnosis consists of highly important variables, each of which is different depending on the vehicle or platform. Once these variables are determined based on the readings of the proper equipment and tools then the technician must utilize his knowledge and experience to diagnose what the solution is. This is what sets Excelerate Performance apart from ordinary repair shops: we actually diagnose problems and provide real solutions. We do not throw parts at a problem. We use our diagnostic equipment, our specialty tools, our deep knowledge, our extensive experience, and our factory training to diagnose a problem, and ultimately repair the vehicle.


Just some of the diagnostic equipment that makes your car complete again.

Ross Tech  – VCDS

VAG COM is the most essential VW/Audi tool ever created. Ross-Tech software and the VCDS cable allow you to peer into virtually all the modules and electronics, read and log data from sensors, re-code modules, and generate the list of codes and issues in each module.  We even have the access to the long and short binary coding so we can enable or disable non standard functions.

OEM Diagnostic Tools

OE specialty tools are quite valuable and a necessity when diagnosing and repairing a vehicle properly. These tools are designed to perform certain functions under precise conditions by the manufacturer. Generic tools may “get the job done” but we want to get the job done right. Therefore, Excelerate Performance has invested a lot of money into manufacturer and platform specific tooling and diagnostic equipment.


The Durametric diagnostic tool was created for independent repairs as an OE scan tool for Porsche vehicles. It provides access to the many Porsche control units and modules, particularly for maintenance and troubleshooting. The tool helps you read Porsche’s diagnostic codes with user-friendly descriptions, module numbers and coding, and over-rev data. It can also activate drive links and capture actual values, reset the service reminder on supported platforms, and clear the warning indicators of most systems.


The NAVIGATOR TXTs is the latest multi-brand diagnostic interface by TEXA. It is an auto diagnostic tool that connects directly to the vehicle’s OBD2 port and communicates via Bluetooth with any Windows PC, tablet, or TEXA accessory. The TEXA tool is highly valuable to a wide array of vehicle manufacturers, but its core is exotic vehicles and supercars. It allows us to have the same capabilities of an OE scan tool for most exotic vehicles, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, McLaren, Bentley, Porsche, Jaguar and more.


Created by experts, for experts, ALLDATA is the leading provider of OEM service and repair information for the professional automotive service and repair facility. ALLDATA provides a suite of products to increase shops’ traffic, improve processes and repair quality, including OE repair manuals, diagnostic information, wiring diagrams, factory scheduled maintenance calendars, and much much more.


The simple and convenient way to access OEM information and vehicle data for successful repairs. These tablets streamline operations and save time by automating vehicle selection using a Bluetooth dongle, giving quick access to vehicle information for diagnostics, and getting clear and up close views of diagrams, images and schematics. This technology enables our mechanics to increase efficiency which in turn saves the customer money.

SnapOn KoolKare & FuelKare

The Snap On Fuel Kare machine is designed to clean and remove carbon and other harmful deposits from automotive fuel systems. If you’re looking to restore engine performance, lower emissions and increase fuel consumption, this machine and service can help with that however, this is not a substitute for carbon cleanings on direct injection engines. Our Snap on KoolKare Hybrid AC machine enables our mechanics to service, recover, recycle, evacuate, leak test and recharge R-134A systems quickly and accurately.


The AssistPlus device combines proven multi-brand European vehicle diagnostics capabilities including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover, Audi and VW.  AssistPlus is a device platform, which means the device is cloud based, so our mechanics can add new technologies and new service providers to the device as they become available, ensuring that the device is an evolving asset.


This fancy contraption is a particularly useful instrument to own. A borescope is used to inspect the inside of a structure through a small hole. Our mechanics use this tool to diagnose issues or failures that cannot be seen by the eye unless otherwise physically removed. This tool saves our mechanics valuable time in finding the problem without spending the time tearing the car apart to find it, ultimately saving you money.


Is your vehicle experiencing a loss of power, low boost, rough running, lean conditions, misfires, or emissions valves not working properly? It may be an intake leak or an emissions hose leak. With our trained eye, our Blue Point Smoke Machine and various positive boost testing apparatus we will get your leak located and fixed.


This page will be updated in the future to update information and add when we sit fit. If you would like to see something added or have ideas, we would like to hear from you. If you are making a diagnostic appointment, please be sure to download the "Diagnostic Questionnaire" below and fill out to bring to your appointment.

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