The complex and unique repairs and services that others shy away from, we embrace. Specialty repairs are not offered at your average repair shop because most repairs of this nature require factory training, specific tools, extensive experience and a unique knowledge to execute them properly. Excelerate Performance has brought all of these requirements together into one shop so that your specialty repair doesn't become especially disastrous.



Visualize and read more in detail about some of the specialized service we offer by vehicle marque.



Select a service below to learn more about what makes Excelerate Performance excel in specialized services. We employ well-trained and knowledgeable sales staff, highly qualified mechanics, and utilize specialty equipment so we can be a "One Stop Shop" for you, our client.



Despite being lower on the skill level required to perform the following services, the quality and care is no less than the best we can provide. Choose from the below categories to learn more about the general services and repairs we offer.


Quality Materials

At Excelerate Performance our standards are high. From the work we perform to the materials we use. We use brands that can be trusted to meet or exceed the specifications required by the OEM manufacturers. We use high quality  parts that have the same origin as the parts that came on your car and most of the time directly from the same manufactuer who made the initially for the OEM, just without the price tag. If we won’t run it in our own cars, we wont install it on yours.


With the Ross-Tech VAG COM cable we can do just about anything with a VW/Audi, well at least in terms of coding and datalogging. If you need to have some datalogging done to quantify measured values, fault codes, basic settings or if you want to Activate cool new features contact us. We are VCDS gurus.



A key component or the "cherry on top" to a custom build is how we reference it. Having a dyno next door at our convenience is a huge benefit to our clients. Being able to run the car as we finish the car provides more realistic results without compromising safety of our employees, our clients vehicle and everyone else on the road, but in a controlled, repeatable environment. This is a very useful tool to help us fine tune the end result.




Did your costly diagnosis or sudden repair pop up at the wrong time? Excelerate Performance is an accredited Bosch Service Center and Bosch Service Credit Card Supporter. Click the Link here or the images to either side to apply for the Bosch Credit Card yourself to get your bill paid monthly with reasonable interests rates instead of one lump sum.


This page will be updated in the future to update information and add when we sit fit. If you would like to see something added or have ideas, we would like to hear from you. If you are making a diagnostic appointment, please be sure to download the "Diagnostic Questionnaire" below and fill out to bring to your appointment.


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