Built Motor Big Turbo 2012 STI

So, you have an end goal vision of your build. You segmented it for wheels, tires, suspension and exterior to start because you wanted the supporting modifications  before you started to put money into the motor. That is how this gentleman planned his build. We started with the ETS Turbo kit utilizing a Precisions 6262 CEA2 Billet Turbocharger. Once the turbo and clutch were installed and the clutch was broken in, John from Visconti tuning


IAG stage 4 closed deck short block 8.2:1 compression
Cosworth 1.1mm head gaskets
ETS STI Turbo Kit With Precision Turbo PT6062
Manley Race Flo 36mm Intake Valves
Manley Extreme Duty 32mm Exhaust Valves
GSC Stage 2 Camshaft Set
Perrin 4 bar MAP sensor
Grimmspeed MBC
Crawford Air/Oil Separator
Aeromotive Injected Bypass Adjustable EFI Regulator (2) -6 Inlet/(1) -6 Return
Injector Dynamics 1000cc Injectors
IAG Braided Fuel Line & Fitting Kit For IAG Top Feed Fuel Rails
IAG V2 Top Feed Fuel Rails

Suspension & Wheels

18x9.5 Work Emotion Wheels
Nitto Nt01 Tires
Tein Street Flex Coilovers
Eibach 25mm Front Sway Bar
Eibach 22mm Rear Sway Bar
StopTech Pads and Rotors all around

Other Modifications

Invidia Exhaust
Killer B Oil Pickup
AEM Wideband, Boost and Oil Pressure Gauges
TurboSmart Gauge Mounting Cup
SMY Clustermaker Dual Gauge Pod
Genuine Subaru Carbon Fiber Bits
Custom Headlights

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Excelerate Performance

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