Bagged Mercedes Benz E350

So what happens when you own an E350 Mercedes Benz and you’re rocking a suspension kit that is home made because no one makes a bolt on spring/shock or coilover solution that meets your needs. You bring your car to Excelerate Performance to make a kit that does go low enough to meet just about anyone’s standards… even crazy people who like to drive with their undercarriage dragging.

This 4-Matic came to Excelerate because his modified factory suspension didn’t ride well enough especially at the ride height it was at. At this point there was only one solution; discuss with the professionals what the best plan of action is. It just so happens to be that Excelerate Performance is an Accuair Distributor so naturally the plan started to take its own path. When you want the best results you need all the key pieces to the puzzle. The proper installer + the proper parts = quality end result that will work and last the life of the car if maintained properly.

The key to this install was making the car ride well at a reasonably low ride height and be able to dump the car to tuck the wheels. No problem! I think we accomplished exactly what the customer was looking for and plus some. The trunk install came out awesome too. Bobby and Jamie mounted the compressors, tank and water traps underneath the rear speaker deck and routing all the air lines underneath the carpet to make for a clean and versatile install. The customer now has full reign of his trunk space. The e-level controller was run beneath all of the carpet to the front of the car inline with the factory wiring to make for an install that is factory like with minimum invasion

With the management well sorted it was time to get started on the struts. Using parts from universal air to properly mount the universal bags to the front BC Racing coilover bodies we had made for us, it was time to make the front lower shock mounts. Jamie and Bobby tag teamed the fabrication of the interference fit lower shock mount to make for a clean, and easy installation. This setup is also adjustable dampening wise so we have no doubts of ride quality being able to be completely controlled by using proper air pressure and coilover ride height to achieve the perfect medium for any purpose.

Suspension and Wheels

BC Racing Coilovers for RWD Mercedes
Modified Housings with custom front lower mounts
Uvair Custom Machined Bag Plates
Accuair E-level Air Management
Vossen CV3-R wheels



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