APR Stage 3+ GTX MK2 TT

The owner of this MK2 TT Convertible brought this car to Excelerate Performance right off the truck from being purchased from an older women who took care of the car. This 22k mile young example was exceptionally clean leaving us with a clean slate to start with. The owner came to us with very few requests. Make it fast, handle and ride comfortably and brake well. Say no more.

After a little consulting and some back and forth discussion, this MK2 TT was about to become a 400hp monster. When discussing any build it is important to make sure that all components of the car are operating correctly to make sure that the engine is capable of handling the projected power levels. A built engine didn’t fit in the timeline so we spent some time going over the car and actually pulled the engine to make assembly smoother. While the engine was out we were able to inspect some of the main engine components to verify that the car was in good health. We verified the car came from the factory with the updated timing chain tensioner before hand, performed a carbon cleaning and DSG service to make sure that the low mileage car was rid of its likely stagnant fluids.

Now with maintenance up to par, it was time to start assembling the performance parts aspect of the build. If you know Excelerate Performance as well as this customer does, you know that the parts that will grace this build will be quality driven, reliable, and capable of being very powerful. Excelerate Performance chooses to offer quality builds and that requires using industry leading products.

This build features a 400hp capable APR Stage 3+ turbo kit, APR Carbon Fiber Intake, and APR Intercooler to provide, support and maintain that power level. Of course the ECU and TCU are tuned by APR as well and is supported by United Motorsport’s Haldex software to help transfer power more effectively and efficiently to the drivetrain.

On the handling and comfort aspect MSS Spring Kits Fully Adjustable Sport Kit made its way onto the car and set to an even ride height via adjustment collars and works seamlessly with the Mag Ride system, a pre-existing Audi technology that allows in car dampening and rebound control. Springs that  are made for this platform do not integrate with this suspension system and tend to not ride very well, too harsh and don’t provide the capable handling even the stock springs provide. The MSS kit provides a solution that features a stacked dual rear spring arrangement that provides a multi-rate progressive rate to allow full articulation of the factory damper. The front spring is a single rate linear spring that provides similar control, but not as important. This front spring is far softer than stock and provides very nice steering feel, better than stock ride quality and offers effortless steering wheel feedback. The rear supports you in all scenarios even up to full shock load which is generally over 2,000 lbs… yes not a typo!

Of course being able to handle all this power is useless without being able to stop it. The most often overlooked and most important part of any high horsepower performance build… the braking system. Stoptech supplies us with a Slotted and Zinc Coated 355mm two piece disc Big Brake Kit that utilizes a ST-40 4 Piston Caliper. This kit is fine tuned with piston diameters ideal for the capability of the factory master cylinder.

This car is a total sleeper that makes 400hp and is more comfortable to drive than in factory trim. How about that for quality delivery?


APR Stage 3+ GTX Turbo Kit
APR GTX Kit Cast Downpipe
APR Resonated and catted midpipe
APR Carbon Fiber Intake
APR Intercooler
APR Catch Can with custom bracket.
APR ECU and TCU Software
United Motorsport Haldex Software

Suspension & Drivetrain

MSS Spring Kits Fully Adjustable Sport Kit
Coated OEM 19″ RS4 Style wheels
StopTech 355mm ST40 Big Brake Kit
StopTech Slotted rear rotors
Stoptech Ceramic pads
Stoptech Stainless brake lines


(Coming Soon) Genuine Votex TTRS Fixed Wing
(Coming Soon) RS Style Mesh Grille
Full Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating



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