Stage 2 MK2 TTRS

Peter’s MK2 Audi TTRS is dressed to kill and ready to perform at any moment. Though the MK2 TTRS is already a great handling chassis with a potent 5 cylinder, this TTRS has been juiced up with power mods as well as handling upgrades. To start, this 2.5 TFSI was given a chance to inhale and exhale better with a 034Motorsport Carbon Fiber intake, along with an APR Cast Downpipe mated to a Milltek Non Resonated Exhaust System. Not long after, APR Stage 2 software was added along with APR mobile to make tracking performance a breeze! 

With great power, comes the need for great handling. 034Motorsport sway bar & dogbone mount added to stiffen and reduce flex. MSS Fully Adjustable Street kit to reduce body roll, squat, and improve turn in handling. Drivetrain upgrades also were made when the car came in for a Haldex service; HPA Gen 4 Switchable Haldex Controller with OBY Coupling Haldex.

Lastly, to keep the car looking as sharp as it performs, Maxton Design side skirts, front splitter, and spoiler were added. Talk about one classy TTRS.




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