JHM Supercharged B7 S4 Avant

Bobby, the owner of this B7 S4 Avant came to Excelerate Performance because he wanted more from his wagon but wasn’t quite sure how he wanted to go about it. We started off by discussing what the car needed maintenance wise to make sure we had a solid ground to work off of. The list began to take shape with parts necessary such as updated chain guide and JHM mechanical tensioners and various other components needed in the engine removal process. After a few back and forth conversations a final plan was set in place and the owner decided that he wants to do this once, and to do it right. Needless to say a few more parts were added to the list…

JHM supplied us with their headers and centrifugal supercharger kit. This soccer mom wagon was pregnant and about to give birth to Satan’s spawn. Our team at Excelerate Performance got down to the nitty gritty and made sure the timing chain services and various oil leaks were fixed while JHM was building the super charger kit. Once the kit was in hand it was go time. After getting the kit into the car is was time to flash the car and do some data logging to make sure fuel trims were where they needed to be.


JHM Supercharger Kit
JHM Mid Length V2 Headers
JHM Mechanical Chain Adjusters
JHM Cross Rod and Linkage
JHM Shifter Linkage and Bushings
Milltek Exhaust system

Suspension and Steering

034 Motorsport Density line UCA’s
034 Motorsport Density line Engine Mounts
034 Motorsport Density Line Trans Mounts
Stasis Coilovers



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