APR Stage 3 Supercharged R8

What happens when you buy an R8 V8 coupe and are satisfied for a while… but then suddenly one day you are driving spiritedly on your favorite winding road not far from home and you car doesn’t quite feel as fast as it once was? Simple, you do your own independent research on what is available and see what you options are. Sadly, when you know there are bolt on solutions for your car but discover they have been recently discontinued.. you begin to panic. You inquire about having custom parts made, and the quote ends up being way beyond the budget you had set from the start and you quickly become depressed. That is, until you speak to Excelerate Performance and find out the owner is willing to remove parts from his car that is identical to yours, and install them onto yours for less than original purchase price to being with. SCORE. This is “kind of” how this one started… it was all fun and games from there on.


APR Stage 3+ Supercharger kit
Milltek Exhaust system

The rest is history.




It’s and R8… who needs aesthetic upgrades anyways?



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