A little while ago Ezechi came to us with the idea of bagging his MK7.5 Golf R, the car was pretty much fresh off the lot with just enough mileage to see it’s first oil change. How could we say no to that?!

Choosing the setup was fairly simple, he wanted to make the car as reliable as possible so we turned to Accuair for their new Endo CVT system. This setup offers a cleaner look by integrating the compressor and solenoids into the air tank! Past that, everything is D.O.T approved and comes with Accuair’s lifetime warranty.

AirLift Performance series struts were also a must for this car. Keeping in mind plans of Stage 2 and beyond down the road, we wanted to make sure Eze would be able to dial in his ride to his liking when the extra power was added to the mix. With 30 clicks of adjustable damping and a drop fine tune-able through the lower mount, these were perfect.

There were also a couple other goodies we installed to really help to transform the car. These included AWE’s SwitchPath exhaust system with Chrome 102mm tips, and MK7.5 Euro LED tails. He also picked up Accuair’s iLevel setup for some additional flare, as if it didn’t have enough already!

We asked Eze what made him turn to air for this platform, and the short answer was “well, it’s asking for it”. Once he saw the OE side skirts and lips the facelifted Golf R offered, he knew it had to be on the ground. We couldn’t agree more!

The details don’t stop there! The front ride height sensors were incorporated to work with the OE height sensors for the active dampeners. All wiring was run inside the car to keep as much possible out of the reach of the New England elements, and what was left outside was wrapped in rubber hose.



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