Excelerate Performance produces it's own lineup of products, under XLR8! We decided to produce products that surpass others out there that simply don't hold up to our standards.

Excelerate Performance and XLR8

At our brick and mortar shop, Excelerate Performance, we’ve installed performance parts on vehicles for well over a decade. We’ve seen it all: the good, bad, and the ugly. As a service shop and parts shop, we know what products stand the test of time and hold to our level of quality. That being said, we found ourselves constantly in situations where customers demanded products that simply weren’t on the market, or if they were, low quality variations were offered that we would never put on our vehicles. This made us decide to produce our own parts.  

We started with the Honda/Acura market. As many know, we began life as a Honda/Acura specialist shop back in the early 2000’s. Thus, our J pipes, TLX exhaust systems, Civic Si Gauge pods, and other products were born. 

From there, we progressed into the Euro market. Our XLR8 Crank Pulleys, Motor Mounts, Mid-pipe adapter kits, etc. have pushed themselves into the market and are everlasting products. Scroll down to browse our collection.


Who are we? What do we do?

Excelerate Performance, established in 2003, is a Connecticut based full service facility focused on performance, service and repair. We offer a comprehensive set of services including automotive diagnosis and repair, scheduled maintenance, regular service schedules, and high performance upgrades. Our core performance market is based on European, Exotic and Japanese vehicles, and we specialize in European vehicle repair and diagnosis. We use the highest quality OE supplier and aftermarket parts for durability and longevity. And we combine all those services and parts with employees that focus on attentive customer service, as well as equipment and technology to get the job done right. We pride ourselves on being a premier performance, repair and service facility, and our customer’s loyalty has allowed us to enjoy over 15 years in business. Rest assured we will work diligently to help you with your automotive needs.


What are we working on?

XLR8’s most iconic products are our exhaust systems. Whilst these are our bread and butter, we make various products such as J pipes, clutch kits, motor mounts, big brake kits, crank pulleys, turbo kits, and more. 

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Exhaust Systems

Brake Lines

Motor Mounts

Crank Pulleys

Gauge Pods

Big Brake Kits

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