Excelerate Performance and Girodisc have partnered up! Girodisc has capitalized on our warehouse capacity, shipping proficiency, sales knowledge, and experience in the automotive aftermarket industry. Girodisc dealers and customers in the Northeastern US will experience reduced shipping times, better access to inventory, competitive pricing and proper customer service!

Excelerate Performance and Girodisc Partnership

We have been distributing Girodisc products for a few years now and have enjoyed every minute of it. You really learn a lot about a product and it’s company when you are constantly selling and installing their product. Girodisc has slowly expanded their product lines in this time frame so our inventory continued to diversify. Girodisc’s brand awareness has starting gaining more traction and word began to travel fast that there was a shop in Connecticut that always had exhaust and intake systems in stock. We started to get more Girodisc product inquiries from current Girodisc dealers so we started putting pieces to the puzzle together.

In the course of two years we began stocking more and more product as the demand increased. It all made more sense after seeing the growth. Excelerate Performance was dubbed the Northeast Distributor for Girodisc products. This gives all Northeast Girodisc dealers the ability to jump ahead of the timeline of requiring a system to be built to delivering their customers with a product in a day or two. This is a huge advantage.


Pretty much everyone knows who these guys are, but just in case see below!

Based out of Bellingham, WA, Girodisc has been around since 2003 making top tier braking components. Specializing in direct replacement two piece rotors, Girodisc offers great performance whilst keeping OE fitment. Talk about having your cake and eating it too. 


What's being tested in Bellingham, WA?

Known for their two piece rotor design, Girodisc offers optimal brake rotors for performance oriented individuals. Girodisc’s two piece rotors maintain stock fitment, which allows for use of OE calipers and clearances, while decreasing unsprung weight. Additionally, Girodisc designs their rotors to increase ventilation and cooling capacity with a curved vane design. Typically most Girodisc systems save 4lbs per corner. That leads to 16lbs of unsprung weight savings on the average Girodisc equipped car! 

We’re happy to offer better braking options such as Girodisc. Shop online for them HERE.

Below are the core upgrade product groups of the Girodisc brand.


Brake Pads

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