When in England…

Many of you reading this may know Walter. He is a long time customer of ours and is most known for his build seen here. Walter is also a Wedding Photographer and travels the globe to shoot destination weddings. He also happens to be addicted to modifying his MK7 Golf R.

It might be coincidence that he happens to be one of the our initial  test cars in our Pre-Launch testing alongside MSS Spring Kits.  He just happened to be heading to England for a Wedding when MSS was releasing their Fully adjustable front kits. We seized the opportunity to have someone that has been involved in the MSS testing and release process to hook up with or Partners at MSS while he was there. The gents at MSS took Walter to experience an in person install on an RS3, a car we didn’t have at the time in the US.

While Walter was there, William and I had arranged a surprise for him, and that was his Fully Adjustable Kit to replace his tester standard kit. This was to be one of the first kits installed since release and we were very happy to upgrade Walters car to the latest kits. You can read more about MSS Spring Kits on the page we have designed as an informative source for first hand experiences, testimonials, and recommendations on MSS Kits.

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