Is the greatest buy always judged by the cheapest price?

What a lot of people don’t think of when they are thinking about purchasing, is the business itself. Most shoppers are just looking for the best possible deal and there is nothing wrong with that. A question we often get asked is, “Can you match this price from Ebay, Amazon, or another cheap reseller. The answer unfortunately a lot of the time is no.  It’s not that we are a greedy corporation who wants to hoard all the profits for themselves.  The truth is we offer a lot of service and security that Ebay, Amazon, and other sites do not offer, and unfortunately that takes money. Money lost in sales takes away from our employees that keep this business running. We are very willing to work with customers and be fair so we always welcome you to contact us before making assumptions based on price!

Experience, Knowledge and Quality Advice!

One of the best parts about purchasing your online aftermarket parts through Excelerate Performance is the quality advice, recommendation and product support that you get after the fact. We currently have 2 German sales specialist, one Japanese and domestic sales specialist all whom are here full time that work full time 9-6pm on standby. For starters our experts make sure to recommend quality parts that we hope you will be satisfied with. We also go out of the way to present to you options in case there was a brand you fancy more than another. There is nothing more frustrating than ordering a part for your car, waiting for it arrive only to find out that it doesn’t fit. Now you have to pay to have it shipped back, pay a restocking fee in some cases, and then order the right part and have to go through the painful wait process all over again. One particular strategy that our company values, is if you are in search of a particular product you aren’t sure you can afford or sure if you need it to begin with, we can save you money by recommending the right parts for your needs. Usually if your needs are met, you should be happy in the end. W live by a motto that works quite well for us and that is to do everything in our power to get it right the first time.

Customer Service

Customer service is a big part of who we are at Excelerate Performance.  We have 8 full time employees that are here to answer your calls, give advice and direct you to where you want to go. We are always just a phone call, email, or web chat away. In addition to providing customer support if anything were to happen to your product we are there to help you every step of the way in the warranty process where applicable. Dealing with the manufacturers can be a hassle however, often times the manufacturer preferes to deal directly with the customer, but reach out to us as your first line of contact just to be sure. When you purchase through an authorized vendor like ourselves customer support from the manufacturer is going to be guaranteed unlike some of the other shops who price gouge (remember the part about why buying at the cheapest price isn’t always the best?) Some of these online companies out there do not have a well established reputation, and can avoid dealing with you, or ignoring you if they so choose, we choose to be up front with everyone so there are no stones un turned. Everyone gets the same treatment because we expect the same from out customers. We appreciate all of you who have dealt with us in the past and welcome future customers with the same respect.

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