The Beginning, and Now


We got to know Adonis a while back with his white MK6 GTI. It all started with a Carbon Cleaning & DSG Service. One thing led to another, and soon enough we were installing coilovers and an APR cat back. After modifying his MK6 and getting it where he wanted, he added a 2019 Cornflower Blue Rabbit Edition GTI to his fleet! It wasn’t long until the bug got him on the “Wabbit”, too.

It started with a few small upgrades on the “Wabbit”. He truly planned to keep the car stock! But we could see his feelings change over time. Before we knew it, we were flashing APR Stage 1 on it. Weeks later, Adonis wanted to come back for Stage 2. When the bug bites, it really gets you good.

We went with the notorious South Bend Stage 2 Clutch Kit to start. This is a great clutch kit option that we always recommend as the pedal feel and feedback is still very enjoyable whilst being able to handle the extra power with ease. While we were in there, we couldn’t miss an opportunity for preventative maintenance so an iAbed rear main seal was installed. The amount of clutch jobs we’ve done on failure prone rear main vehicles without installing an iAbed upgrade is next to none. These seals really do the job, even for stock cars it’s cheap insurance. Next, this GTI was awaiting an alignment since the subframe had to be dropped, and Stage 2.

Adonis went with a killer option, Stage 2 High Torque with Aggressive Pops and Bangs. The Cornflower Blue Wabbit is ready to rip! Browse our gallery for photos.

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