Bringing Enthusiasts Together During A Time Of Distancing


With the 2020 car show season right around the corner, and times of social distancing ahead, this is an uncertain time for all enthusiasts. We look forward to the nice weather to bring the cars out of the garage, catch up with old friends, and talk about future endeavors. The Corona Virus has made this difficult for us all however, and for us New England-ers there is one show that really starts off the season; Dustoff. New England’s Dustoff is a VW/Audi event that is held at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park in Thompson CT.

2020 would have marked the 18th consecutive year for New England Dustoff, so it was not one anyone wanted to miss. Unfortunately for us (and many others in our position) the state began to ban group gatherings, which has caused many of the shows to cancel or postpone. Dustoff wanted to offer an alternative to the car community; the first of it’s kind – Virtual Dustoff! To thank everyone for their continued support, and to help enthusiasts can scratch some of their itch, Dustoff adapted with the times like we have all began to do.


A Note From The Crew


“We just wanted to thank everyone for their continued support of the Dustoff, and the biggest change for this year is that we can without a doubt, promise you a show where you won’t get rained on. The current state of things has had an impact on everyone and that is why we wanted to offer something positive for the day. We aren’t requiring any financial contribution to enjoy the show, and any profit that is made from the event, sale of shirts and swag is all going to our good friends at FoundationBlue. We hope you enjoy the show!”

The Turnout


In an effort to keep thing short and sweet, the turn out was great! Dustoff ended up with about 250 registered show cars, some great vendors (featuring yours truly. You can check out our booth HERE), and over 2,100 unique visits on the first day!

It would not be a proper Dustoff without some trophies to take home, so the team stuck to their true colors and picked the best of the best to decorate. You can see everything in the winners circle on the event page, which is currently still up online, HERE.

Check out the first car show of its kind HERE before it’s too late!