Looking for dealership services without the dealership prices and antics? WE are the dealership alternative! Excelerate Performance is completely knowledgeable and capable of performing factory maintenance and service utilizing manufacturer specified maintenance schedules. What does that mean? Basically, you, as a consumer, can bring your vehicle to an independent shop like ours to get the same services, parts and warranty. The only difference is we pride ourselves on providing a higher level of service and at a lower price. Our extensive knowledge of European, Japanese and Exotic vehicles allows us to perform a comprehensive set of services including automotive diagnosis and repair, scheduled maintenance, regular service schedules, and high performance upgrades. Our OE (Original Equipment) parts are sourced directly from the dealership or an OE supplier (same manufacturer of part but in a different box). We have knowledgeable technicians and the latest technology available giving us the ability to perform any service or repair that a dealership would with an even higher degree of quality. Also, we provide a full 12 month/12,000 mile warranty on our labor, similar or better than the dealership, plus the same or better on most of our parts.

Additionally, we are now offering a price guarantee. Submit your dealership quote at the time of estimate and we will match or beat their price*. We will exceed their level of service free of charge! 


Automatic Transmission Service

One of Our Experienced Technicians Servicing an Automatic Transmission


Will I lose my warranty if I do not go to the dealer? Contrary to popular belief, having your car worked on by shops other than the dealership will not void your warranty and is many times cheaper than going to your dealer. According to a study by Auto MD, 87% of people surveyed reported independent shop’s quotes were more affordable than dealer quotes. In addition, the survey found that 67% felt independent shops were more trustworthy than dealerships. At Excelerate, we have the staff to back these statistics and make sure they are held true. We have certified, trained, and educated Master Technicians and ASE Certified Technicians. They have the ability to diagnose, repair and service your vehicle to the highest level of quality. We have you covered from mile zero to the last mile and covering all services in between, whether it be a 10k, 20k, 60k, 90k or 250k. Contact us for a quote on the next scheduled maintenance for your vehicle, all of which can be performed at Excelerate Performance!


4.2L V8 Timing Chain Replacement

Timing Chain and Guide Replacement on a 4.2L V8 on a B7 Audi S4


Is your vehicle in need of a highly specialized repair? We embrace the complex and unique repairs and services that others shy away from. Specialty repairs are not offered at your average repair shop because most repairs of this nature require factory training, specific tools, extensive experience and a unique knowledge to execute them properly. We have brought all of these requirements together into one shop so that your specialty repair doesn’t become especially disastrous. Excelerate Performance specializes in repairs like Audi 4.2L Timing Chain Replacement, VW/Audi 2.0T TSI Cam Bridge Replacement, 4 Wheel Alignments using the top-of-the-line Hunter Hawkeye Elite Alignment Rack, Carbon Cleanings on Direct Injection Engines, 2.0T Timing Chain and Guide Replacement, BMW S54 Valve Clearance Adjustment (performed every 30k), BMW N54/55 Water Pump & Thermostat Replacement, and much more! At Excelerate Performance, we perform all of the work we do to the highest possible standard and we stand behind the work if an issue ever arises.


Whether you need your oil changed or timing chain replaced, contact us today for the highest quality work and best prices for all your dealership alternative services!


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* We may not be able to beat or match any dealership quote that includes specials, clearance pricing, or promotional discounts on labor and/or parts.