Porsche 993 Engine Overhaul

Porsche Engine Reseal Service

So, maybe you were one of those guys who always dreamed of owning a Porsche. Since  those days you were a kid playing around with diecast and model cars in your parents living room. Over the course of your younger years you graduated high school, went to college, got a job and eventually became successful. The next milestone was, you had a family, you got married had kids and at some point you decided it was time for a little “me” time. You finally were able to afford that 993 Cab you always dreamed of having.

You finally found your dream car, you went and bought it and were able to enjoy it for a few years; But those years passed and the honeymoon phase of owning this masterpiece of fine German Engineering wore off. Your family grew and you started focusing on the more important life events, more important than a car anyway. But you still found time here and there to drive the car on the weekends, to special events and things of that nature but most of the time it was sitting in the garage begging to be driven… you just didn’t have the time. We get it, life happens and things like this are why Excelerate Performance is here for you. We are here to support you in making sure you childhood dream stays alive.

This 993 Porsche Cabriolet is the perfect Connecticut Shoreline cruiser, powered by the classic 3.6L Aircooled Flat 6. This car first came to us for one minor concern the owner was looking to address. Upon inspection we noticed that the engine was leaking oil from nearly every gasket or orifice that you could imagine. It snowballed from there.

This snow ball turned into an engine out, complete reseal service. In order for this car to retain its value and maintain reliable running conditions the issues this car presented needed to be addressed. The entire engine was cleaned externally before work got started. We also removed all the rat poison, mouse droppings and… the dead mouse we found wedged and mutilated. The car runs like new once Dan was done with it. No leaks, idled perfectly smooth and no present vermin squeaking around. This 993 is ready for the rest of its life journey as a childhood dream car.

  • Timing chain guides
  • Timing chain cover gaskets
  • Timing chain housing gaskets
  • Cylinder valve cover gaskets
  • Upper valve cover gaskets
  • Front crank seal
  • Drive and accessory belts
  • Rebuilt distributor & Spark plug wires



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