Porsche 911 Getting Dialed In


Recently, this classic air cooled Porsche 911 came to us in need of a few touch ups. This car was built by the owner and there were a few things to address that he couldn’t do at home. One of the most popular jobs we do for DIYers is alignments. Of course most enthusiasts can’t fit an alignment rack in their garage! But before we got started on that, we set this Grand Tourer up for some Corner Balancing. This evenly distributes the weight and optimizes handling.

With a “driver” seated in the vehicle, adjustments were made and seen in real time with our Proform Corner Balancing system. The car is roughly 40/60 weight distribution front to rear, and we were able to set weight distribution from side to side within .8%

Next, we suited up the 911 for our Hunter Hawkeye Alignment Rack and went to town. With the help of some Porsche specialty tools, Dan was able to dial in the alignment and get the car driving straight.


Cooling Brakes


One last thing before we sent this Porsche on it’s way was a brake flush. Ultimately, we made sure to keep the car stopping on a dime with Motul’s DOT 5.1 Brake fluid. Now, this Porsche brakes as well as it handles.


We really enjoyed working on this classic targa. This wasn’t our first time working on Aircooled Porsches, and we find ourselves in admiration each time a new one comes in. The baby blue exterior tied to a saddle brown interior was a true eye catcher here at the shop. Indefinitely, we can picture this being the perfect fall cruiser with the top off, rowing through the gears in some curvy backroads. View our photos below for a walk through the process, and to enjoy some eye candy.

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