A Sharp Dressed RS3 to Start…


Suneil has brought his Mythos Black RS3 to us for a slew of things over the years, and we’ve recently started working more in the engine bay. Not too long ago, he decided to make the jump to APR’s Intake and Inlet System. 

APR’s massive RS3 Intake system has recently graced his engine bay, and we had to document just how well this system works on the RS3 platform.  To start, the presence of this intake is crazy. It may be hard to see in photos, but this 9″ x 6″ cone filter is actually larger than our heads. While APR wasn’t the first to release an intake for the RS3 cars, they took the time to R&D and perfect a system that could perform to the standards that RS3 owners wanted. And obviously, APR came and conquered.

Many thought the design would cause excessive heat soak. However, APR tested hundreds of variants and actually found that the current location, with the ginormous filter, doesn’t suffer enough heat soak to perform subpar.


Go With The Flow…


When designing this system, APR had a large goal in mind: to take all points of restriction and flow disruption out. That’s why the inlet system is the MVP of the Inlet/Intake combo, as upgrading that small piece reduces restriction by 45%. The duo together increases flow by 60%. APR removed components like the accordion boot, and replaced the piping with larger diameter 4″ carbon fiber piping to keep it all going.


Looking to Upgrade?


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