Joe’s 2017 Volkswagen Golf R had suffered an unfortunate and seemingly strange demise… This Golf R suffered from thrust bearing failure. One of two 2017 Golf R’s in our shop with the issue currently, the next which showed up one day later! 

To make matters even weirder, both of these 2017 Golf Rs with this failure had 38k on them. Odd timing!

An interesting failure indeed, and one that needed immediate attention. The thrust bearing in these MQB engines is not a closed face, so it roughly only wraps around 180 degrees of the crankshaft. Somehow, the thrust bearing was able to eject from the engine, fall down into the oil sump area, and hitting internals along the way, creating all sorts of metal deposits. The metal deposits were incredibly fine, like a slurry, and passed through the oil pick up tube, making its way into the head and scoring the cam.

With what it would cost to try to fix all the issues this caused, it was better off to just start fresh. We started to bring this Golf R back to life with a VW remanufactured engine and turbo, then gave it a new OEM flywheel and clutch kit. Other seals and o rings were needed, and we also added an APR short shift kit while we were in there. This customer plans to keep the car mostly stock at this point (he is likely picking up an Audi RS3 and handing this car down to his wife!), but with summer around the corner and tires needing swapping out, we fitted some new tires on 18×8 ET35 BBS SRs in Satin Grey. Brakes also needed some revamping so Stoptech Slotted Rotors with Ceramic pads on all 4 corners were sure to fix that. 

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