Mid Week Maintenance Tips

Sure Performance is in our name but the way we see it, there is no use to adding performance if the car cannot handle it. Scheduled maintenance and routine service are imperative in proper operation of all mechanical parts. Performing these preventative measures ensure that you are far less likely to have an issue when adding power.

Spark plus and coil pack maintenance is key to proper fuel combustion. When ignition suffers so does fuel economy, performance and wear on other parts. Below is an example of a spark plug and coilpack that were removed after “recently being replaced” We know all too well this customer was not being told the truth when the car was serviced. Regular oil and filter changes are also highly valuable services aiding in your engines longevity. Turbo cars especially are rather particular to oil changes, so clean oil and clean filters are a must to keep turbocharger bearing life healthy.

All these preventive measures pave the way to performance. Flashing cars with software, adding larger diameter exhaust, increasing air flow etc. are all natural occurrences when you command higher boost and fuel levels.  When the ecu is asking for all of these extended parameters it is VERY important that the engine’s components are up to the task.

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