It’s Time for Racing Line


A name enthusiasts have grown to love over the years, Racing Line has won over the hearts of many VW/Audi owners for their great intakes, brakes, and other hardware components. Recently, however, they’ve has released a new product line: OEM+ Software.

Working on development for the past two years, Racing Line has been putting in significant time to R&D software to fully compliment their tried and true hardware. Their goal was to produce software that not only achieved increased power, but software that remained true to the soul of the car, as well as reliable. The ultimate goal is OEM+ tuning.

What makes OEM+ different?

Racing Line’s new Software Upgrade range is named OEM+.

This name reflects the investment that was put in to developing software in a new way – using OEM calibration techniques to deliver not only great power and beautiful torque increases, but also to uphold Racing Line’s responsibility to preserve the smoothest calibrations, within factory safety levels, whilst keeping economy good.

It’s only by reprogramming the very basis of the controller itself that Racing Line achieves the results they get – just as the manufacturers themselves work.

Here are some perks of Racing Line’s Software:


OEM+ Perks




By starting from scratch for each calibration, OEM+ achieves a very different level of performance and drivability. It’s never just about winding up the peak power.



Racing Line is uniquely positioned to tap into a vast knowledge base and resources network in software development. OEM+ software will never overstress the inherent hardware systems.



No other brand can offer you such a comprehensive ‘full-car’ tuning solution. Racing Line’s Performance Parts range is the most complete on the market, all matched perfectly to the OEM+ software.



Free upgrades on your car for as long as you own it. Start with OEM+ Stage 1, then receive Stage 2 and even Stage 3 Software for free!


Should you ever want to return your car to standard, the OEM+ system has the ability to return your ECU to ‘True Stock’, the exact state it

was in prior to installation of OEM+ tuning.

Want OEM+?

Send us an email with what you want & we’ll take care of the rest.

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