The Ford GT


The mid 2000’s were a sad time for the automotive performance industry in general. It was even sadder for domestic companies, like Ford. With many domestic companies going under, the mid 2000s are typically not looked upon well. While other companies took handouts from the government, Ford was just barely floating above the surface. That is, until they unleashed their hero car, the Ford GT.

The GT brought life back into performance from Ford. With the mid engine chassis, it brought an homage to the original GT40, but for modern times. Featuring a 5.4L supercharged V8, the Ford GT is a car with a bark as strong as it’s bite. Gated shifter also included. We know, we know.

While now the new Ford GT kicks the first generation out of the water, these limited run GT’s still sell for 6 figures nowadays. And we can see why. If you ask us, any GT car with a mid/rear engine has always had some sort of legendary presence. The Detomaso Pantera, the Lamborghini Gallardo, the Audi R8, etc. all boast beauty, power, and class.


The GT at XLR8


This one came to XLR8 for an alignment, because the owner knew it had to be done, and done right. These cars take alignment shims, in various sizes, to get camber set up properly. It is difficult for most shops to get their hands on these specific shims, but of course we were able to find the exact ones needed! All in all, an alignment for this GT took roughly 5 hours, to give a scope of complexity. This was actually similar to Moroso’s Dodge ACR Viper we aligned last year.

Enjoy some photos from our gallery of this vehicle.

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