FK8 Honda Civic Type R

2018 Type R with just 1,940 miles on the clock in for upgrades.

This 2018 Type R came off the showroom floor not too long ago only to come in for performance upgrades at 1,940 miles.

Exhaust work:

  • PRL Downpipe
  • aFe Front Pipe
  • Greddy Catback

Intake mods:

  • PRL Front Mount Intercooler
  • Injen Cold Air Intake

ECU Tuning:

  • Ktuner V2 Unit with ECU flash


  • Rally Armor Mud-Flaps


This Type R is now quite the daily with a packed punch. As a Euro shop, we hear the Type R compared to the Golf R all the time. What are your thoughts? Which would you rather have? Have a Type R and want a quote for these parts or installation? Email!

Installation Content

Here’s a few photos we took along the way. 


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