The Largest RS4 Meet Ever? XLR8’s East Coast RS4 Meet!


Undoubtedly, we wanted to end our season with a bang, and what better way to do it than to schedule a meet in honor of the B7 RS4?

Having our fair share of RS4 customers, we had a few clients looking to have a place to meet up. We welcomed them with open arms, but we thought to ourselves, what if we turned this up a notch?

First off, New England has it’s variety of RS4s, that’s for sure. What if we held a meet to welcome all East Coast RS4s?

Initially, we looked at the date options and we were hesitant to hold a meet this late in the season. You know how New England is, especially this time of year! Ultimately, we had a lot of people counting on this, so we decided to go for it and continue planning it out.

We weren’t sure what to expect; customers were planning on coming from MA, RI, NY, VT, NH, DE, NJ, and more! That’s a lot of commitment for a little weekend meet up. Who’s to say people wouldn’t back out last minute? Mapped out was an “RS4 Menu” – a selection of discounts dedicated to the RS4 chassis and known maintenance items and other popular performance parts for them. Obviously, this was too good to pass up.

The turn out ended up at 29 B7 RS4s – not including the one in the shop, for a total of 30! We can’t confirm, but it sounds like this is the largest gathering of RS4s in the US as of yet. And we’re pretty excited about that.

Join us next season for more Cars and Coffees… and maybe more speciality chassis events.


East Coast RS4 Meet Photos


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