BMW E39 540i M Sport Repairs…

This super clean low mileage E39 540i M-Sport sedan came to Excelerate Performance for some minor repair work. The car was well cared for but over time parts get weak and fail. This car was initially brought to our facility for an oil change and valve cover gasket replacement. While the valve covers were off and the ignition coils out, Justin noticed that the spark plugs looked well used. Upon pulling one for inspection is was very clear that they were the original plugs. So, after installing new plugs and new valve cover gaskets it was time to move into the next steps. These V8’s are known for cooling system issues. The radiator had been replaced in this car at one point but usually all of the hoses tend to fail at some point as well as the internal baffles of the coolant expansion tank. With all the radiator hoses and the expansion tank replaced this car is back on the road worry free.


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