Typically, eco friendly and performance shops are not things that go hand in hand. At Excelerate
Performance, we are a business that constantly pushes the boundaries and dares to be different from
the rest. That is why we are striving to be as eco friendly and efficient as possible.

So what are some of the ways to make this happen? Natural resources, recycling, conscientious waste disposal, and less paper! See below for more details on how it all works.




Did you know our repair writing software is all operated in the cloud? To be with the times and to cut down on paper usage, we opted to use a program called Shopware, which allows us to send Repair Orders, Sales Invoices, and Estimates all over email, or text message. When you visit Excelerate, your whole customer experience can be had without any paper, and all of your information can be stored in your email, phone, or both if you please! (We can offer printed copies for those who like keep receipts)


Powered by The Sun


We are blessed with a beautiful property that gets an excellent amount of sun throughout the day.
What better way to utilize it than to install solar panels?

Our solar panels have allowed us to not only power our LED lighting at our facility, but the entire building of XLR8 as well. All of our computers, our phones, our lifts, our compressors… All powered by the sun! How crazy is that?!


LEDs Are Not Just for Cars…


We LOVE efficiency. At XLR8, we use bright LED lighting throughout the shop not only to help us see everything
we need to, but to also light up the shop more efficiently than conventional bulbs. These LEDs are much
safer for the environment than traditional as well as having a longer shelf life.



Efficient Orders in Bulk


We recycle our brake cleaner! While brake cleaner is cheap, we don’t feel it’s necessary to use more than we have
to. We are supplied with barrels which allow us to fill cans as needed. This means that every technician
has one can of brakleen all the time, which means we aren’t constantly throwing out bottles or wasting
any. This even comes to play on a larger level, as we aren’t constantly having cans shipped to us, taking
up space in trucks and wasting gas to constantly visit us. #Efficiency. We love thinking on a bigger level.



Engine Oil Turned to Heat


We also recycle our waste oil. Oil is something that many do not dispose of in an eco friendly manner. Not only is it
crucial to dispose of it properly, but we thought of an even better way to do so: using it to heat our
building. Ultimately, this means that we aren’t having an oil truck come to our shop, wasting a ton of energy carrying the weight of oil to us, only for us to use that.



Another One Bites the Dust


XLR8 does not use Speedy Dry/Oil absorbing particles in the shop. Speedy dry is known very well in the
industry, and for those who don’t know what it is, essentially it is similar to kitty litter with it’s absorbent
properties and high dust content. In the long run, this can be hazardous to not only the technicians, but our property
around us as this dust can float in the air. We don’t feel the need to use a product like that at our shop,
which is why we use oil absorbing pads instead for the few times it gets a little messy.



Other Means of Recycling


We properly dispose of all our metal scrap/parts that are no longer functional. No sense in letting metal
rust when it can be recycled!

We reuse and recycle all of our shop towels and hand cloths. We feel it’s important to use materials
given to us for as long as we possibly can, which is why we cycle through our shop rags and have them
washed to be used again.

XLR8 recycles all paper and cardboard packaging. For the times where we have no choice but to
have products sent to us, we recycle all our paper packaging to ensure they will continue to be used in
the future.


Vehicle Efficiency


XLR8 cares about your vehicle being efficient, too. Just because all of us love the thrill of high horsepower
cars, does not mean we love when they are inefficient. That’s why we have our Carbon Cleaning service,
which removes carbon deposits from your intake valves using an eco friendly walnut mix, which in turn
helps your engine burn fuel cleaner, leading to better fuel economy and of course better performance!



In short, we don’t try to use more than we have to. Ultimately, we strive to be as waste free as possible, the way it
should be. We take inspiration from the world around us to make our shop cleaner and more efficient,
which in return leads to a better impact on the environment, and is more cost effective for our


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