Excelerate Performance and Magnuson Superchargers

team up to install one of the country's first Magnuson Supercharger kits for the w204 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG platform.

The Story

This gentleman hails from the Boston area of Massachusetts and happened to be in the right place at the right time. We had just become the  Northeast Distributor for Magnuson Products at nearly the same time as Magnuson was about to release their  “Hammer” Supercharger Kit for the C63 AMG. This happened to come at an awesome time of year too, it was nice and cold out, also known as “Boost Season”. Fortunate thing for this customer he was able to find a somewhat local, authorized seller and installer of Magnuson products. The customer inquired about getting his hands on a kit for himself in the pre-order so the deal was on. The kit was ordered and a new My Genius unit was purchased to get flashing. Since this car had custom headers on it, it was going to require a custom tune. But this all mean the fuel kit was needed because the OE injectors were not up to the task.

Magnuson stepped up and sent us the factory length extended tip injectors that retain the same spray angle as stock, but 30% or so larger. This gave OE Tuning the room they needed to accompany the hardware. Now the blower,  headers and fueling can work in sync together to make maximum horsepower.

Why Magnuson?

Why did we choose Magnuson Superchargers and OE Tuning on this build? Magnuson believes you should be able to have big horsepower, drivability, and a long-lasting, reliable product. Something that is deeply rooted in Excelerate Performance’s values. The fact that Magnuson has been doing this for over 30 years they know they they are doing and knowing that each Magnuson Supercharger kit is tested before it leaves their factory that is a big sigh of relief to the vendor and the consumer. Magnuson also stands behind their product with a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty, in the aftermarket industry that is close to being unheard of. OE Tuning is a company in which Magnuson has trusted and built a relationship with OE so these kits can provide the end user with the best product, performance and now, drivability. OE Tuning has been trusted by Magnuson, the leader and supplier of OEM and aftermarket performance supercharger kits relationships like this go a long way when choosing who to use in a caliber build like this.

Interested in supercharging your vehicle?

Call our performance specialists standing by or E-Mail us for pricing and installation quotes with a bolt on Magnuson kit.

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