This customer came to Excelerate Performance with some sporadic clutch engagement issues and was making a horrible noise from inside the transmission.

Once the transmission was pulled it was not so evident to where the problem was coming from. There were some pitted portions on the differential gear, but we were almost 100% positive that this was a bearing failure inside the diff. So with a Limited Slip differential ready to go, our mechanics also installed a SouthBend Stage 3 Daily clutch kit and SMF to make sure this transmission does not have to come out again. Also included in this were a set of Steel Shift forks to replace the known problematic brass units.

Click on the larger image to link you to the album! This should be a treat to those who have never seen the inside of one of these 02Q transmissions. There are a lot of similarities to the 02M found in previous generations.

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MK6 GTI Trans