Stopping on a Dime for Less Than a Pretty Penny


Recently, this Golf R came to us looking for a few upgrades. A well off car from the factory, the MK7 Golf R is a platform loved by many due to the  aftermarket support and the fun, yet refined handling of the chassis. One of the most popular big upgrades we do for MK7s is big brake kits. Of course, Stoptech is a brand that knows braking well, and we find ourselves recommending their big brake kit frequently! Stoptech’s kit fits the bill for many of our spirited drivers and light track enthusiasts as it maintains factory braking bias while still greatly outperforming stock brakes. Even the AeroRotor improves braking temps and cooling. Win, win, win.

With the factory brakes off, Bob gets started by cleaning the dust collector and hub. For a kit that’s as sharp looking as Stoptech’s Big Brake Kit, you wanna give the whole job that level of attention.

Next, the Stainless Steel Brake Lines are installed. After, the rotor is installed, with the caliper brackets, calipers, and pads following.


Putting It All Together


Once we got all the hardware assembled, it was time to bleed the new brake lines and calipers. Ultimately, we made sure to keep the car stopping on a dime with Motul’s DOT 5.1 Brake fluid. Now, this Golf R is in for some serious stopping power.


After a quick cleaning and detail on the install, the sleek black calipers with white font still managed to pop out against the new rotors. This wasn’t our first time putting this kit on a MK7, and we find ourselves in admiration of the quality of this kit each time we do an install. Not to mention, the black is a perfect choice for someone who wants a sleeper or subtle look, or if they know they can’t clean the calipers so frequently due to daily driver status! Indefinitely, this Golf R is ready to rock with this brake kit upgrade. View our photos below for a walk through the process, and to enjoy some eye candy.

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