corner balancing


Corner balancing can also be referred to as corner weighting or scaling, and is the process of adjusting spring perches (in most cases) to obtain an evenly balanced directional weights. 

It is easy to think of corner balancing like a table or chair’s legs. In order for the object to distribute the weight evenly the legs have to be the same length. If one leg is shorter than the rest the weight can not be distributed and the object becomes unbalanced. Your car’s suspension geometry works in a similar way. 



A driver, or driver substitute, should be in the car with all fluids and fuel topped off to simulate “race weight” conditions. 

The diagonal weight is the ‘cross weight,’ which the most important aspect of corner balancing. For example, the left front and right rear  should weigh the same as the right front and left rear – a 50/50 balance on a diagonal. 

The vehicle’s weight can be moved with adjustimes to things like the collars on your coilovers, sway bar settings, and even by moving static weight. Static weight can only be changed by physically moving weight on the vehicle. This includes relocation of batteries, lead ballast and more. 


There are a lot of factors to consider when corner balancing your vehicle. That is where Excelerate Performance and our Proform Corner Balancing come in to play. Contact us today to get your questions answered, your quote booked, and your car aligned and corner balanced properly!



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