This C5 Audi RS6 came to Excelerate Performance because the Audi dealership diagnosed and inspected the car. After Audi looked at it they let this car leave with a clean bill of health and that all that needed to be replaced was the power steering pump because the fitting was seeping and the pump was moaning. Little did we know we were upon an approaching a domino effect.

The C5 RS6 is notorious for big money repairs when maintenance is neglected. This example had a fair amount of money into the car with aftermarket parts, but the car was driven hard and not maintained as well as it should have been for longevity. Unfortunately this is only the start to the story. Most Audi enthusiasts will tell you one thing about the RS6 that will deter most in the market for one. And that is the fact that the car needs to either be put into service position or the engine has to be pulled to do any kind of major repair or big maintenance service.

With the car in service position our mechanic quickly found that something wasn’t right. With only 74k miles on the car everything appeared to be in good shape and everything that looked to have been replaced were all done so with OEM parts. But,  as our mechanic dug a little deeper our hopes of  getting off easy were quickly diminishing. This 4.2L Twin Turbo’s timing belt was just about falling off the cam gears when the timing covers were removed. We were very well shocked this car was still driving, because it wouldn’t have been for long had he kept driving it. upon further inspection of the work that had been performed, it was apparent that the timing belt tensioner was not installed properly.

Beyond needing all new timing components, it was time to address some of the oil leaks while we had the car in service position. new cam and crank seals were much needed on this car, so with those replaced, all new timing components, rollers, water pump and thermostats, it was time to address suspension issues that were found while on the test drive.

Remember when we mentioned that this car was driven hard? We weren’t kidding! All the upper shock mounting hats had been beaten up and actually were damaged to the fact that the strut mount was disintegrated and the shock itself was pushing it through the aluminum mounting hat. This in turn had ruined the upper spring locators on the coilovers. Did that matter much at this point? Not really, the coilovers on the car were completely blown, leaking fluid all over the place out of the external reservoirs, they were in definite need of replacement anyways. So a fresh set of Bilstein PSS10 coilovers were ordered along with all new mounting accessories, hardware and bushings. This car rides great now with its all new suspension setup. Lastly, the braking system needed to be addressed. The rotors were so far worn that they started cracking and ruining the recently stuffed pads. We deemed it was rather unsafe to be driving a car of this caliber and tuned power level to skip this for next service.



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