Factory Scheduled Maintenance, Service and Repair


Factory Scheduled Maintenance, Service and Repair

Factory Maintenance & Repair

Looking for OE specified maintenance without the OE specified prices? Or perhaps you’re tired of your dealership’s antics? WE are the dealer alternative! Excelerate Performance is completely knowledgeable and capable of performing factory maintenance and service utilizing OE maintenance schedules. We have you covered from mile zero to the last mile and covering all services in between, whether it be a 10k, 20k, 60k, 90k or 250k.

Timing Belts & Tensioners

What is a timing belt and why is it so crucial to proper engine operation? This belt maintains synchronization and control of the timing components, i.e. the crank, cam(s) and the valvetrain. So why does your timing belt need to be replaced? The timing belt is a rubber product and resides in a sensitive environment where it experiences extreme heat cycles. The extreme heat cycles and constant tension place a lot of stress on the belt, causing it to dry out, stretch, crack or snap. If this happens it can be catastrophic and cause complete engine failure. We highly recommend that you follow the factory recommended maintenance intervals and be proactive about preventative maintenance. If you wait too long you may wind up in a bad situation with an even bigger problem.

Fluid Flushes and Services

Changing the fluids on your vehicle leads to vehicle longevity and better performance. Fluids used in the oiling, coolant, brake and power steering systems break down over time and lose their lubrication properties. When that occurs you get metal on metal, which leads to high temperatures and ultimate failure. Sometimes just a drain and fill is sufficient. But with brake systems, power bleeders and automated flushing devices allow us to improve efficiency, ensure accurate bleeding, and consequently this reduces wait times and costs for customers. Not sure when to bring your car in for these services? Be sure to contact our service department.

Automatic Transmission Service

Many OEMs claim “lifetime fluid” for your automatic transmission. But what do they consider the lifetime to be? 100k? That’s unacceptable. Your automatic transmission has a filter and fluid and over time the filter gets clogged and the fluid breaks down. Change your fluid and filter regularly and extend the lifetime of your transmission as a few hundred dollar service every 30-50k is significantly less than a new transmission every 100k.

Ignition Maintenance

Ignition component maintenance (spark plugs, ignition wires, ignition coil packs, distributors, etc) is invaluable. When your ignition operation suffers so does fuel economy, engine performance and overall wear on the engine. It might have even gotten to the point where your Check Engine Light is flashing at you. That means the vehicle is misfiring and you should stop driving the car before you permanently damage a cylinder or the catalytic converter. A good rule of thumb is to replace spark plugs every 30-40k miles and coil packs just as frequently. In some cases, these items are particularly subject to failure when upgraded software is installed, particularly because the demand and stress on these parts is increased significantly. Replacement as preventative maintenance also never hurts.

Suspension Components

Suspension components are commonly overlooked when it comes to maintenance. However, suspension items are wear items as well. Most suspension bushings are made of rubber because the material dampens vibrations; this rubber wears over time and becomes sloppy and tears or can even crack and fall apart. Shocks and struts become soft over time and eventually the seals will begin to leak, causing your suspension to feel “floaty” and bouncy. Other key components also have wear items like strut mounts, control arms, sway bar bushings, end links and more. All of these need to be maintained in order to safely drive your vehicle.

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