Steve Astrachan

Marketing • Data

Steve came to Excelerate Performance because he was driven by data. Steve works alongside Greg and Josh in the marketing department and with Nicole in Shipping and inventory. He also plays intricate roles in our event planning. Steve is a fun upbeat person who gets along well with others. He enjoys cooking and being lazy in his hours away from the office. When he is not being couch potato he is commonly found pretending to be Anfernee Hardaway on the basketball court with his buddies or grabbing his 3 iron screaming FORE somewhere on the fairway of a golf course. You can bet that when Steve takes a break after the front 9 holes on the course he is going to grab some lunch, but it wont be a sandwich with soggy bread, is disgusts him, so if you see Steve hungry provide him with a toasted sandwich, a get out of jail free card for the dentists office, and plenty of Wifi bandwidth and he will befriend you for life.

Steve’s love for cars? His love for cars actually started after coming to work at Excelerate Performance. His eyes were opened to all of the amazing things you can do with cars by modifying them aesthetically and enhancing their performance. He enjoys seeing the satisfaction of people after they get their car back from having work performed on their cars. Steve has also gathered that the interest in quite contagious and has already started about thinking what he can do to his Infinity G37x. Luckily he is in the right place where suggestion and recommendation are a part of the experience at Excelerate Performance he knows he will be steered in the right direction.

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