Marissa Simos

Marketing Assistant & Data

Marissa is the Marketing Assistant and dabbles in Data collection for the webstore. She is passionate about vintage cars, coffee, traveling and Art. She is currently a student at Southern Connecticut State University and studying for Graphic Design and Marketing.

Like any artistic soul, she is an avid hobyist photographer, enjoys film photography and the dark room process, listens to an endless array of musical genres as long as its not Country… and she enjoys working on automotive projects. She drives a 2016 Ford Fiesta ST and owns a work in progress 1971 Honda CB500.

We asked Marissa a question before she started working here, that question was. “Where did your love of cars first start?” Her answer was typical of any gearhead.

“It all began when I was about 5 years old and I was going through some scrapbooks with my parents. My father showed me photos of his 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback, Poppy Red with Black interior, C Code (289 V8 with a 2bbl mated to a 3 speed manual), built in San Jose, California. I remember first seeing the sculpted gill-like factory vents behind the windows and thinking it was such a beautiful design, so naturally like any 5 year old entertained by something, I became obsessed and memorized as much as I could about first gen Mustangs. Both my mom and my dad had Mustangs throughout their lives, with the collection consisting of my father’s 65, my mother’s Turquoise 1967 Mustang Coupe with a black vinyl top, a 1966 convertible, an 86 Black on Black GT with T Tops and a 5 speed, a 90 vert, etc. He also had a 1967 Chevelle, and even a Camaro for a short length of time. It truly ran in our blood, as my brother and I would play Need for Speed together as kids, and later teach me all he could when working on his 1987 foxbody he had back in the day. I grew up to love the 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s era of vehicles, and eventually my love for vintage cars became a reality when I got a 1984 Nissan 300zx as my first car. At that point I was able to take all of my passion and free time and do an amateur restoration to it. I ended up learning how to weld, paint, and just gain experience fixing the car while I was in high school. Known to love classic Ford’s and Datsuns/Nissans, but I really love any vehicle that’s out of the blue.” 

Pretty good answer huh?

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